Welcome to the Christian Service Center Website.

We want you to know that we love Jesus and desire to serve Him in every scriptural way. Our goal is to have “whosoever will” ready for the imminent return of Jesus Christ; therefore, we endeavor to teach the uncompromised, whole counsel of God.

The Christian Service Center was founded in 1977 when Pastors Bill and Elnora Owens returned from mission duty. It began as a daily Bible training center and in 1979 became a church as well. Since that time, the vision of the church and the people have grown to now include many local and foreign outreaches. Our most intense prayer is to be able to prepare every Christian to serve in the calling the Lord places upon their life.

Please look over the following information and call on us for any questions that you may have.

4800 37th Street, St. Petersburg, FL 33714 USA – (727) 525-7461

A Family Church

We are a church in which the whole family can grow and be nurtured lovingly. We provide for the spiritual needs of the entire family, from the nursery to the retired adult. We have a strong emphasis on Prayer, Ministry, Teaching, Training, Fellowship, Evangelism, Praise and Worship.

New Creation Ministry Training Center – Bible School

In these latter days, there is a greater need and hunger to know the divine Will and Purposes of God. We have the teachers and materials to fill much of this need. We must be “busy about the Father’s business, while it is yet day.” We must edify the body of Christ with:

  • Sincere milk for the babes.
  • Growth for the hungry.
  • Nutrition for the maturing.
  • Supply for walking in the Way.

The entire program of the Christian Service Center is dedicated to fulfilling this need in all saints of all ages.

Foreign Missions

We are an Full-Gospel, Spirit-filled evangelistic church with a strong emphasis on missions. Our mission outreach is to provide Bible training and materials all over the world. They include Bibles, books, training manuals, Bible courses, and teaching MP3’s. This now extends into Africa, the Caribbean, Central America, and the United Kingdom.